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Unlocking Dreams and Transforming Lives: Discover OMNILIFE

Do you have aspirations that you yearn to achieve? At OMNILIFE, we firmly believe in the significance of dreams and are committed to being the conduit that propels you toward their realization. With a legacy spanning three decades and a community of over seven million individuals globally, we emanate confidence grounded in experience.

Visit our website, https://www.omnilife.com, and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities. Here, you will encounter a diverse range of products meticulously crafted to nurture your body, ignite the essence of your identity, and inspire the metamorphosis of your surroundings.

Our narrative is one of growth, unity, and shared objectives. Each day, our family expands, driven by a singular mission: to facilitate your journey towards tranquility, expansion, and abundance. As you navigate our offerings, we will walk alongside you, unveiling the myriad options that pave the way to your desired outcomes. Delve into the narratives of those who dared to reshape their lives - stories that are bound to resonate deeply. We're not just proponents of what works; we're fervent advocates of sharing what works so that you, too, can embark on a similar path. Join us and partake in celebrating three decades of "People Taking Care of People."

The Birth of a Vision: From Gold to Purple

Embarking on a journey that blossomed from a golden dream to a purple reality, Jorge Vergara, at a mere 22 years old, envisaged OMNILIFE. With unwavering conviction, he saw a future where this venture would be a catalyst for transformative change in his life and the lives of countless others across the globe.

On September 11, 1991, OMNITITRION of Mexico was established by Jorge Vergara, armed with six distributors, three employees, and a solitary product. His courage, dedication, and tenacity resonated with like-minded individuals, amplifying the reach of his vision. Today, this inception has evolved into Group OMNILIFE - a multinational entity dedicated to producing and promoting nutritional products and personal care. Our innovative multi-development system places the holistic growth of our Distributors at the forefront.

Standing tall as a pivotal player in the Mexican and Latin American corporate landscape, we also lay claim to the largest Manufacturing Plant for nutritional products of its kind. With facilities in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, Mexico, and Cali, Colombia, we cater to South America's needs.

Guided by the principle of promoting health-conscious lifestyles, we have achieved triumph by consistently pursuing today's results while sowing seeds for tomorrow's prosperity.

"Great stories commence with dreams - some are gold, others take on a pink hue. Mine is OMNILIFE, draped in purple, eagerly awaiting to intertwine with yours. Cultivate constancy, share successes, and the rest will follow. Overcome fears, ignite your Burning Desire, and become unstoppable."

— Jorge Vergara Madrigal,

Founder of OMNILIFE Group

Navigating the Path of Unpredictability

Life's allure lies in its unpredictable nature - it doesn't furnish a roadmap for what lies ahead. Plunge into the abyss of uncertainty with trust, for it's precisely where you'll encounter naysayers and skeptics. Embrace these challenges and pour your efforts into overcoming them. Embrace the unknown, for it's a realm of unparalleled learning. Raise your voice, challenge the status quo, and usher in change.

— Amaury Vergara Zatarain,

President of the Board of Directors of OMNILIFE and General Director of OMNILIFE

Empowering Your Journey with OMNILIFE

Welcome to the OMNILIFE Induction Program, a stepping stone into the realm of possibilities that our continent offers. Guided by a Leader Distributor and your Country Manager, this program provides crucial insights to ignite your journey toward success.

  • Learn about OMNILIFE: Dive into our corporate ethos and values.
  • How to Buy: Explore the simple process of acquiring our products.
  • How to Earn: Unveil the avenues to reap rewards within our ecosystem.
  • Main Tools and More: Equip yourself with essential resources.

This program awaits all Distributors who register a month in advance. Join us on the third Wednesday of each month through the virtual Zoom platform. Access the meeting via the QR code in your startup kit or through the provided invitation and reminders.

Embark on the OMNILIFE Odyssey

As an existing OMNILIFE Distributor, you hold the key to nurturing growth. Extend the invitation to newcomers, inviting them to partake in this transformative experience. Together, leverage this new Tool, fostering mutual advancement.

Visit our website, https://www.omnilife.com, and embark on a journey that aligns with your dreams. OMNILIFE: Where Dreams Unfold and Lives Transform.


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